Get to know me

I have over a decade of experience designing and delivering inclusive, high-impact learning experiences as an instructional designer, facilitator, and educator.

Check out this animated video to learn more about how my background influences my design process.


Alicia Reid, PhD

"Melanie's outstanding leadership and focus held our team together during the height of the pandemic. She consistently brought such a calming presence and this type of energy definitely helped to ease the tone of more challenging situations."

"Melanie is the ultimate collaborator - she patiently listened to the ideas of others, asked relevant questions, shared her thinking, and remained open to feedback from her team so that we could coalesce around something that everyone felt motivated by."

Joaquin Ramsey, MEd

"Melanie is professional, thoughtful, and methodical. She has good ideas and follows them through while still being receptive to feedback, and respectful of the roots of the curriculum."

"The curriculum Melanie developed was thoughtful, thorough, and easy to implement. It addressed everything from small logistical and content details up to big abstract ideas that provided long-term opportunities for learner growth."

Terrill Caplan, BA

"Melanie is quick to pick up on a team's dynamic, uplift other’s strengths, and identify places where she can bring her own. She became our tech guru when we transitioned to remote and then various hybrid settings."

"We often dealt with stakeholders traversing moments of anxiety and concern as we navigated the pandemic and a reckoning with racial injustices both nationally and within our community. Melanie always responded with emotional generosity, institutional knowledge, and in a very timely manner. She made space for everyone in our community."

Clayton Mattis, PhD

"Melanie is known for her excellent decision-making skills and navigating uncertainty in an organized way. She helped generate and brainstorm ideas, communicated clearly and concisely, and was meticulous in all things. Melanie increased productivity, and, ultimately, the potential of our learners."

"Our team was tasked with re-evaluating the curriculum through an antiracist lens while also adapting it to a remote setting. Melanie was instrumental in streamlining the curriculum and she made it culturally relevant. I could not be more proud of her work as a black man in science."